Accredited Environmental Technologies,(AET) is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania corporation founded in 1984 as a professional consulting firm and analytical laboratory to provide cost effective solutions to complex environmental problems.  AET is recognized as a national environmental firm providing services from coast to coast.  AET is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) whose corporate headquarters is located in Media, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia.

"Our Mission is to provide our clients with the finest environmental
consulting services without losing sight of the client's practical needs
for their project.  AET's environmental insight is rooted in safety and
sound judgment and tempered with practicality and common sense."

Mr. Alan Sutherland, CIH, CHMM President

AET's comprehensive environmental services are coordinated from our corporate headquarters and implemented utilizing both corporate and local branch/service offices to ensure both timely and effective services to our clients.  Click here for locations.  All services are provided with dedication to quality, adherence to the highest professional standards, and client satisfaction.

Environmental services are conducted under the direct supervision of professional Industrial Hygienists certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene to ensure proper documentation, chain of custody and admissibility in potential litigation activities.  Project Managers are assigned to each project based on the client's environmental needs/concerns. Project Managers are experienced and trained to provide solid professional advice.  They have excellent interpersonal skills and communicate well one-on-one and to diverse community groups as well as have strong writing skills.

AET has a proven record of success in the environmental industry and has maintained the success utilizing our dedicated and trained work force who possess excellent technical backgrounds and years of relevant service.  AET's corporate ownership, including corporate officers, have remained unchanged after 22 years of service providing long term stability in an ever changing world. Over 80% of AET's Personnel have been with our corporation over 5 years.

AET has ample financial resources, manpower and equipment to complete your project.  Our reliability has been demonstrated in over 75,000 environmental projects completed since AET's founding. Dunn & Bradstreet has rated AET's financial resources as EE2 (i.e. Dunn's number 15-397-6089).  AET maintains general liability and professional liability insurance coverage with insurance carriers rated by A.M. Best "A" or better (insurance certificate available on request).

AET's site safety performance has received excellent ratings by our clients such as AT&T, Chevron, DuPont, Exelon and Sunoco.  Due to AET's diverse client base, AET personnel work daily in refineries, chemical plants and power plants as well as hospitals, colleges, museums and commercial buildings.  AET personnel believe in safety first and strongly adhere to client safety and site security requirements. 

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