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"Great vision without great people is irrelevant."

—Jim Collins, Author, "Good to Great"

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In The Issue

The Prodigy
Sheng Kai Dong was a budding math whiz. And then the accident happened...

"Now," he said, "what would 8 percent of 250 be?"
There was a long silence. Eight percent of 250? How would one even begin to divine this mystery? Davidson looked down at his overhead projector, preparing to reveal his secret, but as he did, a single adolescent voice rose up from the crowd.
"Twenty," it said.
"I got the chills," Davidson recalls. It was a 12-year-old boy who, just two years prior, had been living in a small village in China. His name was Sheng Kai. »»


Gimme Some Truth
For CP's annual writing contest, it's imperative to honor that silent pact with your reader: I'm not making this up.

I love reading fiction and nonfiction; it's my twin nerdly passion. At any given moment, I'm reading a novel and a nonfiction book — usually, a biography or a book about Philly history. What bugs me, though, is when some author tries to mix both.



Spitting Image
There's a former Philadelphian inside Hiroshima's Phanatic doppelganger. But we can't tell you who.

The story starts to sound like something out of a Green Lantern comic book. According to Sly, each Slyly is responsible for finding the next, and it has become a tradition to fill the position with an American. »»


Heart of the Problem
As the city probes EMS efficiency, it faces questions about a death that should not have been.

"He died of a heart attack while waiting for a train." So reads Andrew Burke's makeshift memorial, which is posted on the front door of El Azteca II. »»


Man at Work
Jeb Kreager of New Paradise gets physical in Mr. Marmalade.

Jeb Kreager likes to work. Theater audiences know that from the daring physical effort he's put into every New Paradise Lab show. »»


Last Chance
Catch it or Regret It

Dom's Drive-In and Ice Cream | My Biology | Group Exhibition »»


No Future in It
The world doesn't end soon enough in Richard Kelly's Southland Tales.

This is the way the world ends: not with a bang, or with a whimper, but with the whoosh of air out of a whoopee cushion.


All of Life Is There
The West Philly Orchestra looks to Balkanize the city.

With virtually every three-block subsection of the city sneering with hipster civic pride/superiority, residents have long borne witness to the Balkanization of Philly. »»


Knock Off
The Gayborhood's popular new haunt doesn't seem concerned about its food.

If I were gay, single and only mildly interested in dinner, I'd probably be milling around the bar at Knock right now instead of writing this review right now.


Black Comedy
Lewis gets to the root of it.

"Once I became a mainstream comic," he says, "I knew we were all in the shitter." »»

The Daily Grind
Clog Posts
Because it's Friday...
by Brian Hickey
1 hour ago
It's six hours and 11 minutes until 4:20. Do you know where your children are?   »»
Tonight on NBC10's "Life" Segment: When Desserts Turn Trippy
by Brian Hickey
3 hours ago
  Additional lesson (with thanks from Dan McQuade): »»
Quasi-Censorship! Quasi!! Censorship!!
by Patrick Rapa
3 hours ago
Local artist John Thornton claims it was "quasi-censorship" that kept his Bible Studier's Digest series out of a recent exhibition at The Art Institute »»
On the Download: So Cool They're, Um, Cool
by Justin Bauer
18 hours ago
It gets tempting to describe bands by concept — after all, every one remembers the pitch scene from The Player, and in the »»

Critical Mass Reviews
Dashboard Confessional, Nov. 15, Electric Factory
by admin
2 hours ago
I'm actually going to read to you about it from my LJ.   This funny, earnest, enthusiastic review was found on YouTube. If you make a little video »»
Patrick Street, Nov 14, Crossroads
by mary armstrong
23 hours ago
Crossroads takes place in a grand old church, with the requisite above the street elevation. No matter how tall you are, on some step you will have the »»
The Low Road, Nov. 10, Tin Angel
by admin
1 day ago
And all the loose ends will be left untied.  What to say? It was a great show. The band sounded wonderful, like old champs summoning up their »»
Stevie Wonder, Nov.8, Wachovia Center
by deesha dyer
1 day ago
"Boy, you better get your ass up and sing..." Those words came to the legendary Stevie Wonder after the 2006 death of his mother. He said she »»

Reader Comments
Comment on Good God Almighty | by Patrick | Clog
I feel for the appropriately named Mr. Whiting, but his description of events gives me pause. What is a ghetto-sounding child? What does it matter that »»
Comment on Demon Weed, Be Gone! | by Ron Stokes | Clog
I don't mind the forgettin' anymore... You get used to it. What bothers me is... is... um... »»
Comment on Philapalooza? | by danesparks | Clog
If the acts are right people will go. Log on to and talk about it. Every other Thursday night starting 11/15/2007. »»
Comment on Award Tour: I'll drink to that | by Brian Howard | Clog
if only, deesha. if only. »»
Comment on Demon Weed, Be Gone! | by Marc Steel | Clog
Note that this segment was preceded by a piece on Paris Hilton including an interview with the heir-ass. Praise the coke queen. Damn hemp. I was going »»
Comment on "There are no moratoriums on shooting at police officers" | by Phawker » Blog Archive » PAPERBOY: ‘Every Time You Don’t Read A PW Cover Story Another Cute Little Hamster Dies’ Edition | Clog
[...] Is it just me, or is the whole “And now, a word from our token acid-tongued Englishman, who will be purposely contrary” routine unbearably »»
Comment on Award Tour: I'll drink to that | by deesha | Clog
when i saw this title, i thought you were drinking to tribe called quest going back on tour. seriously. »»
Comment on Good God Almighty | by JB | Clog
I pray to God that Edna is alive. If not, and if the Police actually do their job, I hope they find the evil sonofabitch who hurt her and who called »»
Comment on Award Tour: I'll drink to that | by Tony | Clog
I had the Festbier at their Fall Festival a couple months ago and it was very good. Definitely one of their best. Although my all time favorite is the »»
Comment on Demon Weed, Be Gone! | by Ron Stokes | Clog
It's 3:20 here in Philly... does that mean that teenagers in Iceland are firing up now? »»
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These restaurants are recently added or updated
Makers Local | 501 N. 13th St.
Average entree under $10 Liquor license
Open daily, noon-2 a.m. »»
Jose Pistola's | 263 S. 15th St.
Average entree under $10 Late-night dining Vegetarian options Liquor license
Jose Pistola's (the Tex-Mex alias of co-owner Joe Gunn) is a burrito bar for the fancy-beer-swilling crowd — anyone who wants to watch a game without being surrounded by hoarse-voiced Iggles moes. A lengthy draft selection includes local seasonal sel »»
Beneluxx Tasting Room | 33 S. Third St.
Average entree $10 - $20 Late-night dining Vegetarian options Liquor license
Taking over A Bar Named Sue's subterreanean space, Beneluxx Tasting Room offers wine, beer and cheese sold by the ounce — perfect for those who just can't commit. On-table glass rinsers provide plenty of fun for tasting snobs and practical jokers ali »»
Meju Korean Restaurant | 213 Chestnut St.
Average entree $10 - $20 Vegetarian options BYO
Steve Cho, who owns Double Shots Espresso Bar (211 Chestnut St.), has taken over the adjacent storefront vacated by Todd Lean's Mandoline for this classic Korean BYO. The menu at the 36-seat Meju (that's a fermented soybean product used in Korean »»
Slainte | 3000 Market St.
Average entree $10 - $20 Takeout menu Vegetarian options Liquor license
The Doyle family’s refurbished Doyle’s Corner has been reborn as Sláinte, a friendly, modern pub space named after the traditional Irish/Scottish toast. Directly across the way from 30th Street Station, the space’s furnishings and woodwork were craft »»

Beowulf (PG-13)
Finishing the Game (No Rating)

CP In The Abstract
November 15-22

"The people are going for Philadelphia. Just a few are left here."

Naked City
"A place to buy human [hockey] puck costumes."

"The firemen did the best they could."

Cover Story
"He swung the van into the northbound lane just as the Intrepid arrived."

"She fakes nothing and makes everything believable. And Jeb can sell it."

Arts Agenda
"In this digital age, we forget that books are sensual."

"That's what got us out into the streets, and that's what got us out of the war."

"You can hear the boy if you listen close."

Aid or Invade
"Honky-homeland Norway hasn't really been a fucking hotbed of social unrest since the ninth fucking century."

"Yale was kind of a hellhole."

"After a couple of beers and a good buzz got going, I told my friends about my idea for an all-in-one beer machine."

Small Bites
"Gah, they're both so good."